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After years of comprehensive research about the Financial sector, the seed to assist our fellow citizens was sown in our minds. We wanted to help our people reap the benefits of their toil and sweat. Hence, we attempted to create a win-win path that benefits our customers. Conversations with citizens and experts led to the development of Cash Grow Financial Services Pvt Ltd as a concept.

Cash Grow Financial Services Pvt Ltd was incorporated as a company under the guidelines of The Companies Act 1956. The company was started to provide corporate debt and equity raising services from banks, financial institutions and Investors to corporate business houses and high net worth clients.

By engaging advanced technology, Chartered Accountants, Company secretaries and management professionals, we unearthed a way to help our customers find innovative means to make investments, find capital and guidance in business development. Over the years we have garnered a clientele from various sectors such as Manufacturing, Import-Export, Retail and much more.

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Addition to Financial support, we also undertake

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable growth for our clients using technology-driven metrics with an efficient and sustainable model.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build long-lasting relationships with our clients by envisioning a strategic roadmap to help achieve long-term goals.

Our Value

We pride ourselves for our client-centric values and client-first philosophy.

Meet the BrainS Behind This Company!

A Business Management graduate from Osmania University, Mr Rajender Siddam has devoted many years in the pursuit of understanding financial management. After having worked closely with experienced professionals, he mastered the Asset management industry and founded Cash Grow group. By handling Global markets for 6 years and over 13 years in the Indian market,Rajender has vast expertise in the field and he seeks to bring in innovative methods in the asset management sector. He provides constant mentorship and steadfast support for our enterprise.His unwavering faith in our undertaking has pushed us to leave no stone unturned in our endeavor towards our clients.